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  • Multilingual websites
  • Free email addresses included

The Worst

  • Basic blog
  • Missing some key features

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$4.00 / month

  • Free plan

Webnode Pricing Picking the best plan

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Webnode provides different plans for different needs and is generally one of the cheaper website builders. The free plan doesn’t cost you a cent and doesn’t have any time limit. There are four premium plans available: Limited, Mini, Standard and Profi, which is short for professional. Learn about their differences in our table overview and tier summary.

Webnode prices overview

Domain included in yearly plans?Free domain name for 1 yearFree domain name for 1 yearFree domain name for 1 yearNo
SSL encryption (https)YesYesYesYes
Email accounts100201No
Design OptionsAll templatesAll templatesAll templatesAll templates
Additional Language VersionsUnlimited2NoNo
Number of pages (per website)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
BandwidthUnlimited10 GB3 GB1 GB
Storage5 GB2 GB500 MB100 MB
Backup and recoveryUnlimited5 BackupsNoNo
Online StoreYesYesNoNo
Yearly Plan Prices*$22.90$12.90$8.50$4.00
2- /5- / 10-Year PlanYou can save up to 50% if you opt for a longer plan.

All Webnode plans explained in detail

Webnode Free

Let’s start with the free plan. You choose a website name, pick a website template and start creating. There’s no credit card required to sign up. All designs are included and can be edited individually. To make your life easier, Webnode added some categories like business, e-commerce, portfolio, restaurant, wedding and many more. If you don’t find your niche, don’t worry: you can modify it with ease.

So what’s the catch with the free plan? Webnode will show a footer banner that says “Powered by Webnode”.

Webnode banner
This ad will be shown in Free, Limited and Mini

Also, your domain will look like mygreatsite.webnode.com. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to connect an external domain with their free version. Overall, the free plan is the best way to check Webnode’s website builder without any risk.


The cheapest premium plan Limited doesn’t contain a domain, but it’ll allow you to connect an existing one from another registrar. Unfortunately, it still shows the Webnode ads. Basically, this plan is the free version, but with a proper domain. The footer banner doesn’t look very professional, but a proper URL on your business card and flyers will still look better than notveryprofessional.webnode.com.


If you don’t have a domain already, Webnode will give you a free domain for the first year. After that, you will be charged the standard renewal fee (e.g. .com $18.95). There’s also an email account included. The standard email storage is 1 GB.

This plan also comes with background videos, a form builder to allow customized requests from your visitors and some website statistics. However, what prevents the plan from looking professional is the fact that Webnode still displays its ad at the bottom.


One of Webnode’s biggest strength’ is the multilingual option. The standard plan allows you to add one further language. Thus it’s easy to show your content additionally in Spanish, German, Russian or one of the many other languages. The majority of website builders struggle here – not Webnode.

The standard website statistics will give you a good overview of your website performance, but if you want to dig even deeper, you can also connect your website with Google Analytics (even though we think this should be possible by default since it’s a free service). Most importantly all ads are removed.

Maybe you were wondering already if Webnode also has an online store. Yes, it does! It’s not the most sophisticated one that we have seen, but it’s good enough for smaller shops. You can start selling in their Standard plan or higher.

Generally, it’s not very complicated to work with the editor and the odds that something goes south are almost zero. However, if for some reason something’s going wrong, you can save and recover 5 backups. Safety first!

Not everyone will need it, but you can also restrict the access to certain pages. Only registered members will be able to see your exclusive content. This feature is limited to 100 members. Unfortunately, there’s no payment option or subscription service connected with their membership area. If you need more, the Profi plan will cover you.


Consider the Profi plan as a pimped up version of the Standard plan. It doesn’t have any exclusive features, but you get more storage, email accounts and unlimited bandwidth, languages, backups and membership registrations. You can upgrade at any time without losing any content. It should be enough to grow your website in a healthy way.

Which Webnode plan makes sense?

Own domain nameLimited, Mini, Standard & Profi
Email accountsMini, Standard & Profi
EcommerceStandard & Profi
No adsStandard & Profi
BackupsStandard & Profi
MultilingualStandard & Profi
MembershipStandard & Profi

Do have you a question about Webnode’s pricing. Let us know in the comments!

> Click here to try out Webnode for free


Webnode provides several payment options. You can choose between credit card (Mastercard and Visa), PayPal, Pay now (Klarna) and bank transfer.

Keep in mind that your subscription will get renewed automatically in order to guarantee a running website. However, you can always cancel within the first 15 days (no questions asked). They will refund your payment, except domain registrations. After 15 days you can cancel at anytime and won’t be billed again.

No, unfortunately not. We recommend you start with their free version. Other options are 1, 2, 5 and 10 years. The longer you stay in advance, the more money you will save. (Only do this though if you are absolutely sure that you will use their service this long).

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